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The first step for a person stumble into another.
Let’s come closer to each other,
stringing every words together into cares.

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Daping Sea View Suite
Open eyes,
you see the sky takes on shades of orange and pink.
You are far away from troubles
and in the peaceful silence.

No matter where you are, you can't take your eyes off it.Immersive yourself in it anytime.

cuddling, smoothing every inch of your skin;the flickers of the firelight, let the warm atmosphere filled the air.

The most comfortable temperature, bathing with vaporous and steamy surroundings. 

Release you from the wound strings,back to the light and burdenless reality.

Don't let the dryness bother your thoughts, keep your moisture is the only reason for my being. 

A small, still house made of wood, guard you against the dust in the world. Push the stain away and show your brilliant look.  

Even it's a temporary contact, don't want to overload you still.Every drop is meant to keep you relaxed completely.  

Swallow those ecstatic leftovers, contain my sadness that since can't wipe off. He is the one who knows everything.

My gobbling up for your good night's sleep.

See the variations on the scale, feel the warmth of a spring-time pond.

Every exhaling of mine is dedicated to every inhaling of yours.

My existence is to observe all the expression of sounds for travelers. 

Recall a memory, a slip of a cup of tea, graceful yet vivid. 

No matter what has been changed, always keep you in good hands. 

My appearance gets you brighter, sweeter, and further with ease.

There is a fine line between passion and calm, they coexist peacefully even ripples occur sometimes. 

Just want to enjoy a quiet, peaceful, private moment, to start on an uncharted journey.At this moment, getting rid of all the troubles, pouring down the irritated. Release yourself from accumulated exhaustion. 

Open the door, be with you every step of the way.Close the door, waiting for your next step away.

Special service

(1)Whale watching on Kameyama Island, ticket purchase
service on the island
(2) Baoqi and locomotive services
(3) Calling taxi service
(4) Introduction to local attraction、snacks、and gift.
(5) Surfing 06:00~19:00
(6) Flying umbrella (April to October) 09:00~15:00